Bhoomika Vihar is a pioneer organization for advocating the marriage registration at Panchayat level for preventing Fake/Forced and early marriage. At present more than 5 Panchayats of targeted geography has started registration at the local level.
Bhoomika Vihar

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Brief History of Organization

Be Loud To Be Proud

Bhoomika Vihar envisions a society free of all forms of gender-based violence. Since the inception of the organization in the year 1996, it has supported approximately 5 Lac marginalized women/adolescent girls through educational, social, economic and digital empowerment following value added community-based sustainable approach in curbing gender based violence across Bihar state of India.

Bhoomika Vihar has been working on multiple dimensions with the core idea of overall transformation of highly marginalized girls/woman of Rural Bihar.

Gender Equity/Equality and Rights

The approach towards achieving the Goals of SDG-5 has been actively engaging beneficiaries on Education/Skill/Enterprise development. Continuously, emphasizing upon equal opportunities to bring them at par with rest of the woman/girls in the society. Bhoomika Vihar has been taking initiatives to provide stipend for education support to girls of weaker section apart from training them though Maike Kendras. Developing leadership and counseling for bringing in mainstream.

Digital Storytellers

A solution oriented approach to raise the voice describing the real situation of girls/women for desired attention of stakeholders. Under this approach, multiple documentary movies have been made by directly engaging survivals/beneficiaries as artists. These documentaries are means to address society at large with the message directly coming from bottom of heart of target groups. Some of these documentaries have received enormous response from viewers/media. Such as: One Night Bride, Swaha, I Exist etc.

Bhoomika Vihar has unique approach using Digital Platforms for amplification of Voice of Unheard for the purpose of advocating their rights.

A still from documentary movie: “I Exist” by Bhoomika Vihar. The movie is entirely filmed on the illustrious struggles and success of survivors and vulnerable to fake/forced/ early/ child marriages, and gender discrimination.

1.2 Million Views on YouTube channel of Bhoomika Vihar.

A still from documentary movie: “One Night Bride” by Bhoomika Vihar. The movie is entirely filmed on the Social, economical, ecological dimensions of fake/ forced and early marriage of girls.