Bhoomika Vihar is a pioneer organization for advocating the marriage registration at Panchayat level for preventing Fake/Forced and early marriage. At present more than 5 Panchayats of targeted geography has started registration at the local level.


Striving Community will have their own leadership ( जिसकी लड़ाई उसका नेतृत्व )

  1. Triangle Approach to work directly with the victim and vulnerable and survivals of trafficking
  2. Family Strengthening Approach
  3. Transforming girls…… from Learners to Activist

Bhoomika’s core initiatives circle around Community Based Sustainable interventions for bringing forth effective resilience to vulnerable girls, women, children and overall vulnerable communities. It may be outlined as below:

Informed, Sensitive and Accepting community environment through platforms driven by primary stakeholders, grassroot dialogues and support structures.

Creating a positive/protective and enabling environment for girls/women and children through evidence-based advocacy.

Recognizing and nurturing hidden potentials, talents and preventive capacities through activating stakeholder platforms and capacity development.

Breaking exclusionary barriers and preventive determinants of primary, secondary, higher, technical and professional realms of education unlocking opportunities for exploring their full potentials through back-up support, bridge-courses and counseling.

Equipping them for blooming careers, employment and participation in economic develop- ment through vocational education, management capacities, presentation skills and perso- nality grooming.

Engaging in innovative and constructive communication creating awareness, breaking taboos and cultural barriers through Information Education and Communication Tools, Theatre, Folk/Performing Art and Digital Platforms.

Being with them empathetically during various disasters like the COVID 19 Pandemic, Recurring Floods, Earth Quakes etc. through Survival Kits, Dignity Packs, Health/Hygiene Kits, Trauma Counseling, Referral Services etc.

Vertical and Horizontal propelling of tested ‘Bhoomika Vihar’ initiatives and strategies through effective Organization Development processes.

The core initiatives of Bhoomika Vihar summarized as below

Protection Prevention Promotion Transformation
Providing relief and assistance to the victim/vulnerable Reducing people’s vulnerability Increasing people’s opportunity Bringing to the Mainstream