Certifications and Compliances

# Title Details
Registration under Societies Registration Act 1860 Registration number- 1062-1995/96
Certified for Tax Exception u/s 12-A of Income Tax Act 162/2006
Certified for Tax Exception u/s 80-G of Income Tax Act CIT[E]/13/19-20/A-525
FCRA Certification Number 031300012
CSR Registration SRN-T22309272
Darpan ID BR/2017/0168251

Policy Adherence

As an organization, we always look forward to deliver efficiently, in time bounded manner with utmost professionalism. To meet the expectations of partners, Bhoomika Vihar has evolved through experiences and has following Systems, Processes and Policies in Place:

# Title Details
Finance & Accountin Keeping Transparency on Priority
Human Resource Policy Facilitating maximum impact from available human capacity
Marketing and Communication Branding the Voice of Unheard
Procurement Policy Adhering to the norms and priorities
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy Safety and Support for Female Stakeholders
Child Protection Policy Care and Protection to the children
Data Protection Policy Adherance to data safety protocols
Financial Management Maturity Model Optimal process in finance and management
Victim Protection Policy Safegurding identity